Samsung Galaxy Tab WIFI ONLY P1010 : Price - Php 16,990, Specs

Lennia R. from Quezon City emailed TechPinas this question last night,

"TP, I'm confused. Yesterday, I saw a poster at the mall saying that Samsung Galaxy Tab now only costs Php 21,990. Earlier today, my sister told me that the tablet actually only costs Php 16,990. Now, that's a Php 5,000 difference. [What's the real deal? What's the official suggested retail price of Samsung Galaxy Tab]?"

Our answer:

Lennia, there are actually two Samsung Galaxy Tab models currently available in the Philippines. One is Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 and the other, Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010. Note that the two models look alike and have almost similar technical specifications.

samsung galaxy tab wifi

Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 currently costs Php 21,990 while Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi P1010 has a price tag of only Php 16,990.

So how are they different from each other? Two things --

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 has phone functions. (The tablet supports GSM voice communication, SMS and MMS.) Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 does not.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 supports 3G HSDPA connectivity. Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 does not; as it only supports Wifi connectivity.

Which technical specifications do they share?

Well, both tablets have a 7" capacitive touchscreen Gorilla Glass, display 3.15 MegaPixel camera at the back, 1.3 MegaPixel camera in front, 720p 30fps HD Video recorder, 16 GB of internal memory, TouchWiz UI, proximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth, TV out, Full HD Video playback, ThinkFree Office and Google Services Suite, among other stuff. Both tablets run Android 2.2 Froyo operating system with a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor.

There you go, Lennia! I hope you find this helpful.


  1. is it the official price?
    isn't it the price for the samsung sale until april 17?

  2. i want to clarify things before getting one.

    i currently have both tattoo and smartbro, can i use them in SGT-P1010 to surf? -- shoot me, i know you 've mentioned that 1010's only for wi-fi. but anyway, can you clarify?...

    as much i like to have an SGT-p1000 i have not much use of it as phone. i need handy a tablet that i can work and surf at the same time, on the go. i find it hard to keep on bringing my laptop when all i mainly need for my work is a browser.

  3. The Galaxy Tab P1010 (WiFi only) does not support TV out function. Even the guys at Samsung Philippines are not aware of this until I made a complaint to their customer service. I bought a P1010 this month and the TV out cable. TV out connectivity is important for me because I am planning to use the P1010 for work, saves effort in bringing my laptop since I can open MS Office files on Think Free Office and display presentation files on a big screen. I was mislead by all the press releases about the P1010 that it has a TV out function. I don't get the point why a same speced, same O.S. (android 2.2) tablet was neglected of the TV out function. Is this just a software error? I can understand if the omitted functions are 3G related (like calls/sms, WiFi Teethering) but for a TV out connectivity not to be present? I am totally disappointed I hope Samsung will fix this issue ASAP.

  4. i just want to know if there is live chat on yahoo messenger and facebook?

  5. Does the P1010 includes the bluetooth headset which comes with the P1000?

  6. Yeah it really sucks I just bought mine and it doesn't work :( I love my tab but this is my first time I was disappointed

  7. this is also my biggest question..can i use my smartbro and tattoo in SGT-P1000 or SGT-P1010? i hope somebody can answer this.tnx

  8. I have a P1000. I want to know how can I activate and use it for GPS Navigation as it is one of its functions, but the (small)manual that came along with it NEVER explains anything about using GPS function?!

    It is also out as much as 50m when I activated it using Google Maps, how can I correct it?!

  9. 15k - wellcom store


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