Holy Week Vacation Gadgets

Last week, we asked our TP friends on Facebook where they plan to spend their Holy Week vacation and which gadgets they intend to bring with them.

Here are some of their answers --

"In my hometown, Nasugbu, Batangas. My laptop and internet stick to stay connected on the web. And camera for camwhoring."
- Raja Voom Destreza

"We'll go to the province and sleep there. I'm bringing our laptop, camera and my Samsung Corby."
- Justine Peralta

holy week vacation

"To Gapan City. Will bring my ever reliable Nokia E63 with Snaptu on it as you've recommended. Also, my Nokia C3, Asus Eee PC, china clone Android tablet and of course, my Smart and Globe broadband sticks. Have a safe vacation, Sir TP. Enjoy!"
- Wha Rigos

holy week vacation

"[I'll be on duty at the] hospital. I'll bring my tablet, my pocket My-Fi and Nokia phones."
- Jony Sadinto

"Just here in Bulacan, at my grandparents' house. Of course, I won't forget to bring my beloved PS3 and some multiplayer games to play with my cousins and 'pamangkins'. And my iPod can't leave home without 'em tunes."
- Tami Dela Cruz

[I'll just stay home and watch DVD's. I have my Samsung Star with me. I'll spend the Holy Week surfing the net, reading reviews of phones I want to buy.]"
- Jamille Atchico

holy week vacation

"[In our house in] Lipa, Batangas. Of course with my Samsung Wave 8500, I'll just play Space Hell."
- Beng Iriarte

"Province. [I'm bringing my] Nokia 5233 XpressMusic with Opera 6.0."
- Macky Magbanua

"[I'll also just stay at home. I wonder what's wrong with our Samsung Galaxy Tab -- my sister uses it a lot and it now hangs.]"
- Rem Tiangco

holy week vacation

"To Cagayan Valley. Will bring my cellphones and my iPod Touch (it's great to listen to music while on the road) and my digicam."
- Nhej Calling

"I'll just stay at home with my beloved husband and DVD's together. I'll also explore the features of my new Samsung Galaxy 5."
- Irish Jane Berdan Dalit

holy week vacation

‎"[Just near my place]. I'll bring an UMBRELLA; It's a super hot summer!"
- Ronnel Barrientos

Well, as for me, I'll probably just stay at home and watch movies on my HTC Desire HD.

Have a meaningful Holy Week, TP Friends!


  1. hello tpp..what do you usually carry in your bag wherever you go?

  2. Hi Arj! TP nalang, hehe. :)

    I don't usually carry a bag when I go out. I keep my gadgets in my pocket.

    I usually just bring my smartphones with me.

  3. what travel gadgets wold you suggest like cameras and battery chargers? 


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