Sun Cellular Unlimited Call and Text Services : To Continue After Sun Smart PLDT Merger

If you're a Sun subscriber, I bet that the first question that entered your mind after hearing about the SUN Smart PLDT Merger is: "What will happen to the unlimited call and text offers?"

And that's totally understandable. After all, unlimited services are what Sun has come to be known for and one can always speculate that the main reason for the acquisition was to quell such generous promos.

Well yesterday, PLDT via its CEO - Mr. Napoleon L. Nazareno - released a statement clarifying rumors and answering concerns that the merger would lead to the end of Sun's unli offers;

"That's not going to happen. There is a market for unli services and we intend to be the best in serving that market," shared Mr. Nazareno.

"Over the next three months, we shall study further Digitel's (Sun Cellular's) operations and networks. This will enable us to draw up specific plans in order to realize the synergies between PLDT, Smart and Digitel."

Alright. Great!

We're keeping this post and the statement link for future reference.

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