Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update Now Available in Europe

Android 2.3 update for the SuperAMOLED best-seller Samsung Galaxy S i9000 has started rolling out across Europe -- specifically in Germany and Holland.

samsung galaxy s i9000 android 2.3

Will the Philippines even get this update? And if so, when?
Well, we haven't heard from Samsung Philippines regarding it. But considering that the phone's been quite a success here, I don't think they'll skip the region.

While we're awaiting further announcements, you can try connecting your Samsung Galaxy S i9000 to your computer via Samsung Kies. Who knows the update might already be available as we speak.


  1. No luck in Singapore or Malaysia yet. I am keeping continuous watch on it. Waiting like anything since yesterday.......

  2. nothing yet as of this morning... waiting...

  3. just wondering, will there be an update for the i9003 as well? it's also a Galaxy S, after all :)

  4. still no gingerbread for the Philippines? How come Sony Xperia already has it?