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JAYS a-Jays Two

a-jays two
Designed in Sweden, a-JAYS Two comes with a cylindrical container.


Featuring tangle-free linguine-like cables and 8.6 mm dynamic speakers, a-Jays Two is one the three variants of the most afforable JAYS earphones line out in the Philippines right now.

a-jays two
Tired of always having to carefully untangle earphone cords before you can listen your fave tracks? Check out a-JAYS' linguine-like tangle-resistant cable.

You can get it for only Php 2,699 at AstroVision and AstroPlus stores in Shangrila, V-Mall and SM MOA or online via this link.

Technical Specifications:

a-jays two

a-JAYS One, Two and Three share almost similar specifications save for Frequency Response. Basically, Frequency Response is the range of musical tones a speaker can reproduce -- usually measured in Hertz. The human ear is capable of hearing frequency response of 20MHz (lowest bass) to 20,000MHz (highest treble), which is exactly the range a-JAYS Two covers.


Here are the stuff you get in the package --

a-jays two

a-jays two

a-jays two

a-jays two

a-jays two


I tested a-Jays on a number of tracks including songs by The Weepies, The Cab, Eminem, Chopin, Passage Band, Lady Antebellum, Nickelback, Whitney Houston, Green Day, Alamid, Lady Gaga and Kanye West, among others and I was pleasantly surprised with the sound quality I got.

The trebles or the higher notes sound solid and crystalline -- Not cracking, shrilly or distorted. The mids sound balanced while the bass notes sound rather chest-pounding.

I must admit I prefer the 'punchy' bass sound that I get from q-JAYS over a-Jays Two's bass booms. But that's just me. If you like heavy plosive pops on bass, I'd say a-JAYS is for you.


a-JAYS Two is affordable and it delivers amazing sound quality. I think music lovers who like their bass powerful and massive should check it out.

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