Samsung Ch@t 335 vs. Samsung Punch Ch@t 322 : The 5 Main Differences

These past two months, this question appeared rather frequently in our TP Inbox --

"TP, [how is Samsung Chat 335 different from Samsung Punch?]"

And considering that the two phones share a similar form factor, we think it's a valid inquiry.

samsung ch@t 335
Samsung Ch@t 335

samsung punch
Samsung Punch Ch@t 332

So how do these two phones compare against each other?

Well, aside from their subtle design differences, here are the 5 main differences between Samsung Punch and Samsung Chat 335 --

1. Samsung Punch is a Dual SIM phone. It allows the user to switch between two different SIM cards. Samsung Chat 335 only supports single SIM.

2. Samsung Chat 335 supports Wifi connectivity. Samsung Punch does not. With Samsung Chat 335, you can update Facebook and Twitter and browse websites over a Wifi network.

3. Samsung Chat 335 sports a 2 MegaPixel camera. Samsung Punch only has a 1.3 MegaPixel camera.

4. Both phones flaunt an optical trackpad. But the one on Samsung Punch is slightly wider than that of Samsung Chat 335.

5. Samsung Punch has dedicated Mail and Web buttons beside the optical trackpad. Samsung Chat 335 does not.

There you go. Samsung Chat 335 vs. Samsung Punch.


  1. meron nang samsung champ duo na may wifi at dual sim.parang pinagsama ang dalawang samsung na ito.

  2. If the Samsung Punch isn't wi-fi ready, how does its Twitter and FB work? Will it use the network's mobile internet (and will be billed/charged)?


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