Apple iPhone 4S via Smart Postpaid Plans, Arriving by Yuletide 2011?!

I've just received word from TP's valued insider (who refuses to be named) that Smart Communications is now in the process of preparing for Apple iPhone 4S' official launch in the Philippines by year-end 2011 or around this coming Yuletide!

apple iphone 4s

According to him, Smart Communications will be the new official carrier of Apple iPhone in the Philippines following the lapse of Globe Telecom's exclusivity deal with Apple. He followed up that iPhone 4S will come as one of the free bundled flagship handsets with Smart Postpaid's top-tier plans.

Note that TP has yet to confirm this insider info; As of writing, neither Smart nor Globe has released any official statement claiming to be the official and exclusive carrier of Apple iPhone 4S in the Philippines.

Stay tuned for updates. I have a feeling they will come in rapid succession soon.

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