Nokia N9 Camera Sample Photos - 8 MegaPixel with Carl Zeiss Lens

Earlier today, I went out with the gorgeous Nokia N9 and took its 8 MegaPixel camera for a spin.

For camera geeks, Nokia N9's camera has the following specifications: 8 MegaPixel with Carl Zeiss lens, F2.2 aperture, 3.77mm / 28mm focal length, true 16:9 imaging, wide-angle lens, touch to focus, exposure lock, four times digital zoom, digital shutter, dual LED flash, and automatic motion blur reduction.

I'm more of a point and shoot kind of guy when it comes to taking photos so all of these nine shots were taken with just automatic settings (Again, I'm not a photographer - in the strictest sense of the word - so pardon the lack of artistry in the shots):

In true TechPinas fashion, I'm just letting the quality of these photos speak for itself.