Ugly Birds Cake Angers Online Deals Customers?!

Remember that discounted Angry Birds Cake in an online deals site that we featured here on TP last September?

angry birds cake

Well, we have an update. And it isn't so sweet.

Turns out, some customers who had recently picked up their cake from the bakery aren't so happy with the way the cake looks like in the flesh.

Quoting a letter from an irate customer first published in FashionPulis (source), "[The discounted Angry Birds Cake was] so ugly and it looked so different from the photo that was advertised online." The customer followed up, "My 11-year-old brother, who is a big crybaby, was really upset when he saw his cake."

Another disappointed customer left a comment in FP's blog post, "I bought coupons for this deal, actually thousands of people did. The worst part is, the deal is continually advertised. [The bakery] is still selling deals. [The bakery owner] who is still getting a stream of orders for their ugly cakes, cupcakes and cakepops until now even though a lot of people are complaining about their customer service and end product. I found their Facebook page a week before my son's birthday and was really angry when I saw their cake samples. The cakes they advertised were deceptive, so I hurriedly looked for another supplier. [...]"

So how does this so-called "Ugly Birds Cake" actually look like?

ugly birds cake
It appears the real Angry Birds Cake remains to be a myth.

What do you think, TP Friends? Is it as ugly as some people describe it to be?

In the spirit of fair blogging (if ever there's such a thing), TP is open to publishing MetroDeal's official statement on this issue if and when they decide to release one.

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