Watch KC Concepcion The Buzz Interview November 27, 2011 and Find Out Why KC and Piolo Became Twitter Trending Topics Worldwide!

As of writing, both KC Concepcion and Piolo [Pascual] are trending on Twitter not just in the Philippines but Worldwide!

How many Pinoy celebrities can claim to have achieved that?!

As I've earlier explained on TP, a keyword or a topic achieves worldwide trending status on Twitter when it receives a considerable volume of related tweets from various territories the world over. Note, however, that Twitter has yet to disclose its exact metrics or criteria in choosing trending topics.

Aside from this being yet another proof that the Philippines is undeniably the Social Networking Capital of the World (i.e. when Pinoys want to make a topic trend on Twitter worldwide, we can do it just like that), it also means that something big is happening between the two Kapamilya celeb lovers.

So what exactly is happening between KC and Piolo?! Well, at the risk of you thinking I'm totally chismoso, *aherm* apparently they've just broken up.

Watch KC's The Buzz one-on-one interview with Boy Abunda and hear things straight from her:

Credit: The Buzz, First uploaded on Youtube by PinoyTeleseryeOnline,
TP Disclaimer on online videos applies.

"Hindi ako ang hinahanap niya... Hindi ko mabigay yung kailangan niya...," shares KC.

Gee, I wonder what Piolo is looking for exactly. I mean, KC is already near perfect; Physically, at the very least.

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