Get The LG Optimus Black at Php 2,000 Off! Offered Only Thru Online Promo!

I just want to remind all of my TP friends and all LG fans across the Philippines that LG Mobile's Optimus Black Online Promo is on-going only from October 24 - December 18, 2011. So if you have plans to get an amazing LG Android phone this Yuletide, you might as well do it soonest via this promotion and get unbelievable discounts. Just log on to on November 14-20, November 21-30, December 2-8, and December 9-18, 2011.

The nearest dates to avail are from November 14-20, 2011 - that's starting this coming Monday. You can enjoy a whopping Php 2,000 off the regular SRP of the ultra-slim LG Optimus Black, bringing the price down to just Php 15,990 from Php 17,990. That's already a steal, don't you think?! Php 2,000 savings can translate to more gifts for yourself or your loved ones this holiday season, more decors for your Christmas tree, or even an additional Christmas recipe for your Noche Buena! I mean, just think about all the things you can buy with Php 2,000: new clothes, more toys for your inaanaks, or even a new watch!

As most of you already know, LG Optimus Black is one of my most favorite LG handsets. On top of being one of the slimmest Android phones ever, LG Optimus Black flaunts a 4-inch high-resolution NOVA display with an incredible 700-nits of brightness! Having a screen this bright means that you shouldn't have any problems seeing the display of LG Optimus Black outdoors - even under the noontime sun! And when you can clearly see the screen of your phone, you can do more (and get more) things done anywhere, anytime.

So what are you waiting for?! Check out the promo now via this link.

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