Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition vs Regular Retail Version - Why Buy Smart Netphone?

This is Samsung Galaxy Y Smart Netphone --

Click on the image for more information about this phone straight from Smart Communications.

It has 100% similar technical specifications (even supports all Samsung Widgets and all apps from Android Market) and the same price - at only Php 5,990 - as the regular Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 retail version that you can get in malls.

So why buy the Smart Netphone version?

Well, for me, buy it because of 2 reasons:

1. Savings! Samsung Galaxy Y Smart Netphone Edition comes with affordable SmartNet services that give you the most out of your hard-earned money. With the Netphone version, Php 20 is all you need to have unlimited Facebook, Twitter, and Netphone Messenger access the whole day! You even get 10MB of mobile data and 50 text messages to other Smart subscribers! Ain't that super?! And get this, via a special promo, Smart Communications is offering all of the above-mentioned services for free until December 31, 2011! So that means even more savings! Great.

Anyway, here are the super-affordable regular rates sans the current promo:

Packages and Bundles

(Subscriber must maintain P1 balance)
Rate Social Stream Netphone Messenger Browsing/ Access Voice Text
Daily Netphone Power Pack(all in) P40 unli unli 30 MB 10 min on net 150 on net
Monthly Netphone Power Pack (all in) P999 unli unli 1 GB 200 min on net 3500 on net
Daily Netphone Connect Pack P30 unli unli 20 MB 5 min on net 100 on net
Daily Netphone Value Pack P20 unli unli 10 MB n/a 50 on net

2. It's just HOT! Let's face it. In the Philippines - at least, Samsung Galaxy Y without SmartNet services is perhaps half the phone that it is. Smart has been advertising this phone so much that it's hard to imagine Samsung Galaxy Y as not a Smart Netphone. So just get it from Smart and be HOT yourself.

Anyway. I think it's a good phone and everyone should check it out.

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