Starcraft II Tournament Controversies and Anomalies Anger Gaming Fans?!

Got this from Rico's TechnoGraph : The Pinoy Tech Blog.

Apparently, there's now a horrible controversy haunting Starcraft II gaming circles not only in the Philippines but in the whole of Asia Pacific.

The international (or at least regional) gaming community is outraged over the mismanagement of the recently concluded Philippine Pro Starcraft League (PPSL), which was held last November 7-8, 2011 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati. Organized by [Gus] Ledesma, the PPSL still has outstanding financial commitments, which haven’t been resolved because Gus is apparently nowhere to be found.

[...] Among the alleged irregularities include the disappearance of sponsorship money and match-fixing.

To be more specific, the supposed tourney anomalies include,

1. Disastrous event management during the tournament itself, highlighted by bad sound system, 9 hours start time delay, among other things.
2. Alleged match-fixing wherein members of the local team were said to be evenly distributed to increase chances of someone from the roster advancing further into the competition. (Note that this has already been disproved.)
3. Total disappearance of a promised Heroes of Newerth concurrent tourney along with its Php 100,000 prize pool.
4. Botched-up Aussie qualifier results.
5. More than Php 500,000 of unpaid bills from plane tickets and accommodations of foreign nationals who were invited to participate and cover the event. It's so horrible that "Justin 'TheGunrun' Ignacio, a US video game commentator who flew in to cover the event for the IPL live stream, even ended up paying part of the hotel bill."

So the question is, "Where have all the money from sponsors gone? And following this disaster, can the Philippine gaming community still redeem its reputation in the international gaming scene?"

Read the full story, via TechnoGraph : The Pinoy Tech Blog.

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