BlackBerry Bridge Technology : How to Connect BlackBerry Smartphone to BlackBerry PlayBook Using Bridge

If you're a BB user thinking about getting yourself a BlackBerry PlayBook this Christmas or if you're making the big leap from using another cellphone brand to being a BB power user by availing of RIM's Holiday BBPB and BB Smartphone discount promo, then you might want to watch TP's short video on how to use BlackBerry Bridge.

You can connect BlackBerry Bold 9900 to BlackBerry PlayBook using BB Bridge!

BlackBerry Bridge is basically an application that lets users pair a BlackBerry smartphone to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The pairing, which is done via Bluetooth connection, allows users to access some native applications on their BB Smartphone like BlackBerry Messenger, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Messages on the BlackBerry PlayBook for an enhanced experience on a bigger screen.

Here's how you connect the two BlackBerry devices using BlackBerry Bridge:

Again, here's you do it in 8 steps:

1. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices and make them discoverable.
2. Pair the BB Smartphone and BB PlayBook via Bluetooth.
3. Turn on BlackBerry Bridge application on your BB Smartphone (If you don't have this app yet, download it via BlackBerry App World).
4. Open BlackBerry Bridge on BlackBerry PlayBook via Settings.
5. On BB PlayBook Bridge settings, look for the Bluetooth-paired BB Smartphone.
6. Choose the smartphone and establish Bridge connection by entering a code.
7. Wait a few seconds until pairing is done.
8. Open BlackBerry Bridge app on your BBPB and start accessing apps.

During BlackBerry Developer Conference Asia 2011 held in Singapore a couple of weeks back, I had a chance to interview RIM Country Manager for the Philippines, Mr. Ray Gillenwater, and one of the questions I asked him was "What software improvements are coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook?" He told me that a firmware upgrade is coming to the tablet by 2012 and that new apps from RIM are on the way.

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