Smart iPhone 4S Unboxing - Official Postpaid Plans and Prepaid Kit Prices, Accessories Check!

Smart iPhone 4S has reached The TP Hideout!

smart iphone 4s
Smart Communications is now an official carrier of iPhone in the Philippines. As such, you can get your Apple iPhone 4S as a bundled handset with various Smart Postpaid Plans or contract-free via Smart Prepaid Kit.

As our tradition would have it, the phone has to undergo the One-Handed TechPinas Unboxing:

iPhone 4S is the latest smartphone from Apple. The flagship handset, which is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants, comes with top-notch specifications from the Cupertino-company including a 1 GHz Dual Core Apple A5 processor, an enhanced 8 MegaPixel camera and a Full HD video recorder, among others. Software-wise, iPhone 4S boasts the new iOS5 operating system, features iCloud storage and Siri, which is a voice-powered virtual system. For more information about Apple iPhone 4S Philippines, visit the link.

What's in the Smart iPhone 4S box?

smart iphone 4s

Again, we have the iPhone 4S unit itself, the charger, USB connector, Apple earphones, microSIM card tray opener, iPhone 4S manuals, NTC certification, Finger Tips, and 2 Apple stickers.

Smart iPhone 4S Plans and Prepaid Prices

Planning to get your iPhone 4S from Smart? Well, I have here the official Smart iPhone 4S Postpaid Plans and Unlimited Data Plans price schedule.

smart iphone 4s
iPhone Plan 999 looks sulit, don't you think?

But if you can pay cash and you want to avoid the deferred monthly payments, you can get Smart iPhone 4S via Prepaid Kit. Contract-free, the 16GB version sells for Php 33,200,
the 32GB version for Php 38,200, and the 64GB version for Php 43,200.

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