Smart Micro SIM Price in Malls, Actual Photos for Those Who Haven't Seen One

Jenna P. from Metro Manila emailed me this question this afternoon,

"TP, my mom gave me a Nokia N9 as Christmas present. I love the phone; the curved screen, [the polycarbonate monoblock body], the MeeGo OS, the camera and the Facebook and Twitter apps! The only feature I haven't used so far is the phone function since I haven't got a microSIM card. Sir TP, is Smart selling Micro SIM cards? I asked a few stores near our house if they have one and they all tell me they haven't even seen [a microSIM in the flesh]. Where can I buy one and how much does it cost? Thanks!"

TP Answer:

Yes, Jenna. Smart sells Micro SIM cards. And here's how it looks like in the flesh --

smart micro sim

smart micro sim
Aside from Nokia N9, Smart iPhone 4S is another smartphone that requires a Micro SIM card.

smart micro sim

Jenna, Smart Buddy MicroSIM card sells for only Php 40 in retail stores. If you live in Manila, SM San Lazaro is the best place for you to see a store selling one. Just go to the top level and ask around.

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