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Last week, I - with the rest of the Philippine delegation - flew to Singapore to cover BlackBerry Developer Conference Asia 2011.

The event had a lot of highlights, including the myth-busting keynote by Alec Saunders and the one-on-one interview with Ray Gillenwater and Hastings Singh. I personally learned a lot from those sessions; like how BlackBerry is doing in the Asian market as well as what plans BlackBerry has for the Philippines and the loyal Pinoy BB fans in the near future.

But my interview with John Bibal II of PinoyBBDev - I have to say - is a source of pride for me as a Filipino. I found it very heartening to know that Pinoys - who are, needless to say, known to be some of the best app developers in the world today - are also very active in creating apps for the BlackBerry platform not just for their own benefit but also as a way of serving other Filipinos free of charge.

John of PinoyBBDev

Philippine BlackBerry Developer Group or simply pinoyBBdev, formed April 2010, is the only Research-In-Motion-recognized developer community in our country. The group aims to provide information about the latest in tools and techniques for BlackBerry development. The group - managed by John Bibal II and Pete Angelo Doligosa - was formed with Filipino and Philippine-based BlackBerry developers in mind. But with the growing number of development technologies available for the BlackBerry platform, pinoyBBdev is now also encouraging non-BlackBerry developers to be part of the group.

During the interview, I asked John some relevant questions like 'What is it like creating apps for BlackBerry?', 'How does the experience compare to creating apps for iOS or Android?', 'What are the benefits of being a member of pinoyBBdev?', 'How rewarding is it to create apps for BlackBerry?' and 'What are some of pinoyBBdev's latest app projects?'

Watch the interview clip for John's answers:

Again, I'd like to thank John for agreeing to do the interview with TechPinas and I wish him all the best in all the ventures of pinoyBBdev.

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