How to Choose the Right Business Telephone Systems Provider

Aside from acquiring a reliable and secure business broadband connection, SME business-owners are also encouraged to invest in an efficient business telephone system for better handling of incoming calls and trouble-free communication between offices.

For those who are not yet familiar with business telephone systems, these are quite similar to phone extension systems we use at home but they are more powerful, more complex and far more efficient as they are created to meet the requirements of a business environment. Some small business telephone systems, for example, even run on a software and on a set of Internet Protocol networks to connect offices and employees through their handsets and other devices.

Currently, there are three kinds of business telephone systems; These are Key Systems, Private Branch Exchanges and Hybrid Systems. Simply put, Key System requires an operator or a station user to direct or manage calls. Private Branch Exchanges, on the other hand, lets users make calls to offices just by dialing a direct line or a local number, effectively bypassing the station user. Finally, as its name suggests, Hybrid Systems are a mixture of the other two, which means that it can have an operator while also allowing users to make direct calls.

Again, as an SME entrepreneur who's also thinking about availing of a business telephone system, I'd like to offer three tips to other business-owners when choosing a business telephone systems supplier;

1. Scout for the Latest Technology - Although the backbone of the system - which is to efficiently connect offices via the phone - remains the same, business telephone systems these days can come with a lot of new technologies that can incrementally improve its performance. Some of these technologies include long-range wireless handsets, automated attendants, online notifications, CRM integration and even video conferencing. I would suggest that you choose a provider that offers a variety of these advancements as it is a good sign that the company is preparing their products and services well for the future.

2. Get Free Services and Avail of Promos - Don't be shy in asking Small Business Telephone Systems suppliers about the free services and promos that they offer. Because competition is tight, a lot of these companies are actually coming up with advertising and marketing campaigns that involve providing their potential customers with a lot of freebies. Ask them if they offer set-up and some devices free of charge. Likewise, inquire about promos and discounts on the latest technologies above-mentioned. This way, you can get the most bang for the buck.

3. Inquire about Support and After-Sales Service - Usually, what sets a great company apart from all others is the quality of its after-sales service. Choose a provider that you can rely on in case your business telephone system goes down and requires troubleshooting. Also, since your supplier will be providing all handsets and other devices that go with the system, ask if they will repair or replace defective units or those that will act up in course of the service.

Like what I always say, as a businessman, price should be the last thing you should look at when availing of a service as important as a business telephone system. You have to choose a supplier that offers the best products and services that will help you grow your empire. Always go with a supplier you can rely on.

So there. I hope you find this useful in choosing your business telephone systems provider.

If you have other tips and suggestions, feel free to post them via our comments section.

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