Smart iPhone4S Launch at Rockwell Powerplant Mall Photos, #SmartiPhone4S TP Experience!

TechPinas Exclusive!

Last night, TechPinas witnessed the launch of both Globe iPhone 4S and Smart iPhone 4S. The Globe iPhone 4S event was done at the Ayala Museum while the one for Smart iPhone 4S happened at Rockwell Powerplant Mall -- yes, the entire mall.

I guess you can say that TP wasn't satisfied with just monitoring the hashtag battle on Twitter; I really wanted to get into the action. After all, in my opinion, that's the only way to do it.

Anyway. Let me share my experience at the Smart event -- first.

#SmartiPhone4S Launch

Event Overview:

Dubbed as the "Smart Holiday Camp Out," the whole PowerPlant mall was literally closed to the general public from 10pm till 4am the next day for SMART subscribers to enjoy free-flowing food and drinks - from Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Cibo, among many others - and a night of total fun. Guests were able to experience the long-awaited iPhone 4s with the best network and was able to snap up an iPhone 4s with Smart's affordable iPhone plans. Guests were also treated to a free concert of well-known international artists Jermaine Dupri and Lupe Fiasco as well as grooved to the mixes of DJ Skratchmark, DJ Ace and DJ Mars Miranda. As if that weren’t enough, guests also enjoyed free screenings of Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol at Rockwell’s high-definition (HD) cinemas and free games in Q Power Station. KC Montero and Magic 89.9 radio jocks Slick Rick, Tony Toni & Sam YG of Boys Night Out, Mia and Andi 9 hosted the all-nighter camp.

TP Experience:

I arrived at the venue at around 1230AM and I honestly thought that I was already terribly late for the event and that the party was already done. But I couldn't have been more mistaken.

Upon setting foot inside Powerplant, I immediately knew that the party was just getting started; Loud party music, a long line of subscribers waiting to get hold of their Smart iPhone4S, free-flowing food and drinks and a party crowd at the ground floor welcomed me to what appeared to be a highly-successful event.

After getting a feel of the crowd, I went to Burgoo at the top floor to say hi to our friends from Smart. On my way there, I saw a few blogger friends and - surprisingly enough - a lot of my batchmates from Ateneo (, which I eventually tweeted) either lining up for their new handset or waiting for the Lupe Fiasco performance. On the second level, Sam YG was giving away iPads, Macbook Airs and iMacs; I swear, it rained Apple products that midnight. And, on top of that, I think Smart also gave away a car. Yes, a car.

Anyway. After saying my hellos and being told about all the freebies I can get that night, I went to the VIP area to grab something to eat. Twas Cibo serving the food, which is always good. I loved the canapes and the pasta.

A bit later, I went to the 'party area' at the ground floor just in time for Lupe Fiasco; He sang a few of his hits including 'Superstar', which is a personal favorite. After him, Jermaine Dupri worked up the crowd even more with his own chart-toppers. Both of them were simply amazing.

Following the performances, KC Montero and Andi9 took stage to give away - get this - even more Apple products; I remember, one girl won an iPad2 after giving the hosts her bra or something. Twas crazy and it's all good.

Before wrapping up the night, I went to Starbucks near the cinema to meet up with a friend and get my coffee.

Needless to say, I had a blast; It was an absolutely great experience. Check out my photos:

Loyal Smart Subscribers lining up to get their Smart iPhone4S! Twas a looong line.

The #SmartiPhone4S Registration Booths

Crowd gathering around Sam YG as he gives away Apple products!

Lupe Fiasco on stage!

Thumbs up, Smart!

TP Friends, if you're interested in getting your iPhone 4S via Smart, here's the complete postpaid plans and prepaid kit price schedule for all #SmartiPhone4S variants:

Click photo for full resolution view.

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