Smart iPhone 4S Prices with Postpaid Plans 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, Announced!

TechPinas Exclusive!

Earlier today, Miss Abbie Real from Smart Communications posted this curious Tweet on Smart iPhone4S prices that got everyone's attention:

smart iphone 4s

Miss Abbie daringly announced in Twitterlandia that Smart iPhone 4S prices and plans will definitely be cheaper than the competitor's current iPhone 4 plans. Considering that Smart - being the newcomer - is practically the challenger in this race, it would make perfect sense for them to have a more aggressive price schedule.


Update as of 7:00 PM, December 15, 2011 -- Smart Communications has officially disclosed the price schedule of Smart iPhone 4S. Here you go, TP Friends:

smart iphone 4s

I'm now doing my best the prices for Smart iPhone 4S bundled with prepaid kit. Stay tuned for updates.

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