Globe iPhone 4S Prepaid Prices 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, Starts at Php 37,599?!

TechPinas Exclusive!

TP Friends, I've just received a very important email from our TP insider.

globe iphone 4s prepaid

Our valued source has just fed us the contract-free Prepaid Bundle price schedule of Globe iPhone 4S. This is for those who want to own Apple's supersmartphone but aren't keen on paying a hefty monthly fee for a span of two years. Here you go:

Disclaimer: TechPinas has yet to confirm the veracity of this information. Again, the schedule was just given to us by an industry insider and it's still best to wait for the official announcement from Globe Telecom on its Globe iPhone 4S prepaid prices.

Globe iPhone 4S 16GB prepaid - Php 37,599
Globe iPhone 4S 32GB prepaid - Php 43,399
Globe iPhone 4S 64GB prepaid - Php 49,199

Interestingly, this schedule is not too different the Globe iPhone 4 Prepaid Bundle price schedule from last year:

Globe iPhone 4 16GB prepaid price – Php 37,499
Globe iPhone 4 32GB prepaid price – Php 43,699
(there's no iPhone 4 64GB)

So what do you think, TP Friends? Let's wait for Smart iPhone 4S prepaid bundle prices.

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