Dell Venue Price Php 17,700, Unboxing Video, Accessories and Peripherals Check!

Dell Venue is the current flagship Android smartphone from the American company. As such, it comes with the top specifications that Dell could have given the phone during the time of its release.

And thanks to MSI-ECS, the distribution company that brought the handsome phone to the Philippines, you can now get your own unit today for only Php 17,700! Imagine: Paying the price of a midrange phone and getting a flagship device. I know, it sounds too good to be true but believe it.

dell venue
I just got my unit from MSI-ECS! I tell you, the looks of this handset alone would tell you that it is a premium device specifically made for high-end consumers; you have lush metallic accents and even a curved Gorilla glass display. Heck, you even get a metallic hardware camera button on this device; Something that we rarely see in Android phones these days. Learn more about Dell Venue - its specs and other features - via the link.

If you will, watch my Dell Venue undergo our tradition One-Handed TechPinas Unboxing:

So again, what can we find in the box?

dell venue

We have the gorgeous Dell Venue unit itself, the 1400 mAh Li-ion batter, the charger with 2 adapters, earphones, microUSB to USB connector cable, and the manuals.

TP Thoughts:

With its price tag, Dell Venue is currently going head-to-head with LG Optimus Black, HTC Desire S and Samsung Galaxy W in the market. And I think that - given its design, massive display, and set of specifications (and not to take anything away from any of its terrifying competition) - Dell Venue could very well be the phone to beat in its category.

NEXT: TP will power this baby on! Dell Venue, in the flesh!

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