120th Philippine Independence Day Google Doodle, Explained

Since 2009, Google Inc. has been joining Filipinos in our annual Philippine Independence Day celebration through the search giant's unique Doodles, highlighting our heroic past and putting the spotlight on our islands' invaluable wonders.

This year 2018, Google celebrates the 120th anniversary of Philippine Independence with a meaningful Doodle that features our archipelago's amazing marine life.

Home to more than 2,000 aquatic species and long clusters of corals, the Philippines is considered by many biologists as the world’s Center of Marine Diodiversity.

Google Doodle, 120th Philippine Independence Day

According to Google, the 2018 Philippine Independence Day Doodle aims to capture the country's beautiful underwater scenery with an image of the seabed while it is being explored by Moorish idols (or yellow striped fishe), blue spotted stingrays, and even a whale shark, which is the largest in the world -- found in the Philippines.

The coral reefs, which serves as natural habitat to many marine creatures, break the blue waters with its bright and stunning  colors. This gorgeous artistic rendition of the aquatic life is wrapped in a ribbon frame donning the colors of the Philippine national flag.

Chrome users and website visitors clicking on the Doodle on Google Philippines’ homepage will discover more about this part of our country's heritage, and the life and abundance of the Philippine seas.

In the past nine years of joining the Philippines' in celebrating its Independence Day, Google has featured elements of the Philippine flag, depicted the Pinoy jeepney, celebrated the tradition of bayanihan, and showcased the Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite, where the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain was declared.

Google has also been coming up with surprising and memorable doodles to celebrate Filipino holidays, anniversaries, as well as the lives of famous Pinoy pioneers and scientists. Recently, Google Inc. paid homage to renowned Filipino artists, Francisco Balagtas and Levi Celerio, whose works have stood the test of time.

Have a Meaningful Philippine Independence Day Celebration, everyone!

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