How to Display Battery Percentage on Vivo V9, Y71, V5s, Y25, V5, V7, Y53, Y69, Y65, and Others?

I received this question from TP Friend Carmen C. from Sampaloc, Manila last night - June 11, 2018:

"Hi Mark! Can you please help me? I recently purchased a Vivo V9 Android smartphone and I noticed that the battery percentage on the top bar is not turned on by default. In my older smartphone, I used to activate this by going to Battery settings but this model doesn't have that option. Mark, how do I display battery percentage on the notifications tab of this Vivo phone? Is that even possible? Thanks!"

Battery Percentage on Vivo Android Smartphone

Hi Carmen!

First off, I want to tell you that I understand where you're coming from.

The Settings page of Vivo handset is quite unique compared to that of Android smartphones by other brands like Samsung or even its erstwhile rival, OPPO. So yes, if you're new to Vivo, looking for certain sections in the Settings can be a bit challenging.

However, going back to your question, Vivo certainly allows users to display Battery Percentage on the top fold of the drop-down notifications tab.

It's actually very easy to activate once you know where to find this particular setting.

Here's you do it:

1. To go your Vivo smartphone's Settings page by clicking on this icon on the homescreen.

Vivo Android Smartphone Settings

2. Under Settings, (scroll down and) click on "Status Bar and Notification".

Vivo Status Bar and Notifications Setting

3. In Status Bar and Notifications page, (scroll down and) click on "Battery Percentage" toggle under "Status Bar Display" Section to turn it on.

Enable Battery Percentage on Vivo Android Smartphone

That's it! It's so easy, right? But I know how confusing it can be if you're coming from another brand of Android smartphone or even from the iPhone.

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