Vivo Mobile NEX vs X-Series vs V-Series vs Y-Series Smartphones : What's The Difference?

I've been hearing rumors that Vivo Mobile Philippines is already poised to bring Android smartphone models from its China-exclusive lines here in the Philippines.

If you've heard those too and you're now wondering how these Vivo Mobile handset series differ from each other, this post is for you.

Vivo Mobile

Based on what I've read about and seen on Vivo smartphone models under these lines, I believe these are the distinguishing qualities of each Series:

NEX-Series - Apart from having the best technical specifications and features, handsets under this line always have at least one unique innovation developed by Vivo Mobile, such is a protruding and retracting selfie camera, which is one of a kind.

X-Series - Also known as X-Play, this series is the flagship-level line of Vivo Mobile. As such, X-Series phones have the best internal hardware, imaging capabilities, display quality, and privacy features that Vivo can put on a phone for a given period.

V-Series - Crafted to deliver "Perfect Selfies", V-Series smartphones are often positioned in the upper midrange price bracket. They also have features that give users a glimpse of what they can experience in X-Series models -- albeit to a slightly less degree. Vivo Mobile V-Series models in the past were known for having a large and crisp display, ultra-high resolution front-facing camera with advanced Beautification software, and a decent set of innards delivering a smooth and enjoyable mobile experience.

Y-Series - Donning price tags that are at arm's reach of budget-conscious consumers who want to get the best value for their money, Vivo Y-Series handsets are positioned in the entry-level to lower midrange categories. Although their design language is often similar to that V-Series models, Y-Series phones usually have less powerful internal hardware and lower resolution front and back cameras. Nonetheless, devices under this line effectively give consumers a taste of what they can eventually get in more expensive Vivo handsets.

Are you a Vivo smartphone owner? Let me know your thoughts about your handset by leaving a comment below or by messaging me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! What do you love about your daily driver? How can Vivo improve it in the next version? Let's talk!

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