Summertime Saga Free Download for PC and Mac, APK Download for Android, How To Play?

On Thursday night - May 31, 2018, I discovered a fun new game that helped to snap me out of my boredom.

Developed by DarkCookie, Summertime Saga is a Visual Story Novel Game in which the user would have to complete tasks, interact with other characters, and unlock portions of a large map to progress through levels.

Summertime Saga is available on three platforms so far: Windows for PC, Mac OS for Apple computers, and Android for smartphones and tablets.

Although the game is still in development, Summertime Saga is engaging enough to keep the user entertained for hours. The tasks in each location are well thought of and even the characters themselves are both endearing and interesting.

According to DarkCookie, they are working hard to add more levels to the game and eventually, they intend to also include a Dating Chat feature that players can use to get to know each other and perhaps to connect beyond the game.

In the game forum that's publicly accessible, I saw that there are various tricks that players can do to progress faster in the game. I haven't tried those but I am not closing my doors to them as I'm sure they could come in handy in tougher levels of Summertime Saga.

Here are some images that I took from the game itself that I installed on my Windows 10 laptop:

Summertime Saga
The game is recommended for users 18 years old and above.

Summertime Saga
Before you start the game, you will be prompted to choose a name for your character.

Summertime Saga
The main character's background is quite heart-warming. I'll let you learn more about him when you play the game yourself.

Summertime Saga
There are various other characters that you'd have to interact with to progress through the levels.

Summertime Saga
Summertime Saga captures the joys of human relationships well.

Summertime Saga
Even if it's still in development, DarkCookie made sure that there are already many locations to unlock in Summertime Sage before they made the game publicly available.

Summertime Saga
So far, my favorite location is the University where my character met his classmates and some interesting school officials.

I invite you to also try out this game while it's still in being crafted by DarkCookie. You can download Summertime Saga now via these sources:

Mac OS
Android (for sideloading)

If you end up liking and enjoying the game, you can become a Summertime Saga by DarkCookie Patron by donating a small amount via their official website to help power their team and the game creation process.

Let me know what you think about Summertime Saga by leaving a comment below or by messaging me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I'll be waiting. Cheers!

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