Apple iPhone 5 : Keynote Presentation Rehearsal by Steve Jobs Caught on Amateur Video?!

There have been rumors lately saying that the next iteration to the iPhone called 'iPhone 5' will flaunt a design identity similar to iPod Touch 4th Generation - that is, it will have tapered edges, glass front and metal back case - as opposed to glass-sandwich design of iPhone 4;

iphone 5
Artist rendition of iPhone 5

Coincidentally, earlier today, we found this amateur video showing what appears to be Apple CEO Steve Jobs rehearsing an iPhone 5 keynote presentation. Check it out --

The video quality is bad - to say the least - but we can see an iPhone with tapered sides in this comparison shot;

iphone 5

So what do you think? Is that really iPhone 5? And perhaps more importantly, is that really Steve Jobs?


  1. looks real to me and someone will be in trouble for the vid.

  2. ARE YOU STUPID?!! hahaha, that's ridiculously fake!! hahahaha

  3. Haha! The new iphone5 will be solar powered and with digital scent technology? LOL!

    Please tell me that you knew the vid is a joke! =D

  4. obvious fake is obvious.

  5. There are elements in the video that appear REAL to me. I hope it's good. But really, I'm not holding my breath for it.

    Thanks for this, TP.

  6. Its real asswhipes!!!!


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