We have a lot of TP Friends asking us if this Facebook event invite is for real --

how to see who viewed your profile
How to see who viewed your profile!!

Once and for all, let me tell you, it is NOT. This invite is actually a SCAM. So whatever you do, don't click on it, lest you want your account to be high-jacked.

Facebook has long made it clear that it won't support this feature.

Quoting Facebook Help Center,

Facebook does not provide the ability to track who is viewing your profile, or parts of your profile, such as your photos. Applications by outside developers cannot provide this functionality, either. Applications that claim to give you this ability will be removed from Facebook for violating policy. You can report applications that provide untrustworthy experiences by clicking the "Report Application" at the bottom of the application’s About page, or by clicking "Report" at the bottom of any canvas page within the application.

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