Nokia C7 : Actual Unit Photos, Initial Impressions

Fashionista phone, Nokia C7, has made it to the TP Hideout --

nokia c7

nokia c7

nokia c7

Off hand, here's what I can say about the hardware;

1. It's clad in metal and glass. The front is almost all glass with metallic rim. The battery cover, I think, is made of anodized aluminum. Needless to say, the handset feels well-made, expensive and solid.

2. Although both phones are made by one company, Nokia C7 and Nokia N8 look almost nothing alike. Nokia N8 has a squarish form factor, Nokia C7 is on the round side. Nokia C7 also has call and drop hardware buttons, which you won't find on Nokia N8. Also, unlike Nokia N8, you get a plastic flap covering the microUSB port of Nokia C7 -- great for keeping dust and dirt out.

3. It's very thin. With depth of only 10.5 mm, Nokia C7 is thinner than both the ultra-popular Nokia C3 and Nokia N8. I think, currently, the only Nokia handset that's thinner than C7 is the very sleek Nokia X3-02.

4. At the back, you'll find the camera, dual-LED flash and loudspeaker banded together on a metallic strip. Unlike on Nokia N8, the camera on C7 is not on a protruding module, which gives the phone a more streamlined look.

5. The menu button on Nokia C7 is noticeably bigger than that of Nokia E7 and Nokia N8. Also, of the three top-tier phones, Nokia C7 has the most number of hardware keys (not counting the full QWERTY keypad of Nokia E7).

Alright. That's it for now. Full review soon.


  1. and nokia c7 has clear black display that n8 doesn't have?

  2. Hi Arj! Nope, Nokia C7 also doesn't have CBD. Nokia C6-01 and Nokia E7 are the only ones that have it (at least, in the Philippines). :)

  3. meron po ba itong qwerty screen?

  4. thanks for the info TPP, i thought nokia c7 has it. i've been handling my friend's nokia c7 and compare to my nokia n8, it's good. they are brothers

  5. i forgot to mention, why does nokia astound has pr2 already? here's a feature of symbian anna for details:


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