How to Open Apple iPhone 4S Micro SIM Card Tray Slot in 8 Easy Steps

Apple has included a MicroSIM card tray opener in the iPhone 4S package so you don't need to look for a paper clip when you want to open the slot.

If you're already at wit's end trying to figure out how you can properly stick your MicroSIM card inside your new iPhone 4S, here's you do it in 8 easy steps.

1. Get your MicroSIM card tray opener:

iphone 4s micro sim
Nope, that's not a 'decorative accent' on the manual pack. It actually does something.

2. Stick the pointed end inside the tray pinhole located on the right side of the handset.

iphone 4s micro sim

3. Make sure that the opener is inserted perfectly perpendicular to the side of the phone then ever carefully push it using your thumb or your strong finger.

iphone 4s micro sim

4. Pushing the opener with the right amount of force releases the tray. Note the release is slightly springy.

iphone 4s micro sim

5. Carefully pluck the tray out of the phone.

iphone 4s micro sim

6. Get your MicroSIM card and insert it on the tray.

iphone 4s micro sim

7. Put the tray with the Micro SIM card back to its slot. Make sure that the card label is facing you and the golden contact area is facing the other side.

iphone 4s micro sim

8. Push the tray in until it sits perfectly in place.

iphone 4s micro sim

There you go. Kindly share the post with your friends who planning to get an iPhone 4S.

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