Globe Customer Service Hotline Number

You know, at least once a week, I get this question in our TP inbox: " [TP, what's Globe's customer support number?] " ...
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HTC Desire S - Price, Specs, Actual Unit Video

Last night, HTC Corporation officially launched the new HTC Desire S in the Philippines. Mr. Mark Dewey Sergio, Country Manager of HTC P...
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Apple iPad 2 Price in Philippines : iPad2 Wifi Only 16GB, 32GB, 36GB, Wifi+3G 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB

Today marks the official release of Apple iPad 2 in the Philippines. And as promised, here's the official iPad2 price schedule in t...
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Apple iPad 2 Philippines OFFICIAL Release Date : April 29, 2011

I know news about iPad 2's April 29, 2011 availability in the Philippines has been floating around the web since earlier this week. We w...
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Save Your Friendster Profile, Photos and Testimonials NOW! Step by Step Procedure

On May 31, 2011, Friendster will unequivocally delete all photos, blogs, testimonials, comments and groups uploaded or created by its users....
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Friendster Belum Menyerah : Twitter Trending Topic - Meaning

Of course, we always root for the underdog. Amidst Friendster's move to wipe out all photos, comments, groups and blogs created or upl...
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HTC Desire Z Hinge and Slide Mechanism Demo Video

HTC Desire Z's slide mechanism, in my opinion, is a true gadget design wonder. The screen doesn't just slide up to reveal the key...
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Bandila Website, Up! Bandilats, Rejoice!

Bandila , ABS-CBN's late night news program, literally gives viewers a venue where they can let their opinions be heard on TV. Using F...
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Apple iPhone 5 : Keynote Presentation Rehearsal by Steve Jobs Caught on Amateur Video?!

There have been rumors lately saying that the next iteration to the iPhone called ' iPhone 5 ' will flaunt a design identity similar...
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HTC Desire HD Sample Videos HD 720p Resolution

I just want to share two outdoor videos I recorded using my HTC Desire HD last week. Both videos were taken in Intramuros - infront of ...
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Get Official Updates on Apple iPad 2 in the Philippines : Sign-Up NOW!

Apple is - of course - still the best source for 100% OFFICIAL updates on iPad 2's availability in the Philippines. ( But really, TechPi...
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Facebook How to See Who Viewed Your Profile Event Invitation SCAM

We have a lot of TP Friends asking us if this Facebook event invite is for real -- How to see who viewed your profile!! Once and for al...
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Acer Aspire 4738ZG Windows Experience Index

I just wanna share the Windows Experience Index scores of my Acer Aspire 4738ZG -- Acer Aspire 4738ZG, which sells for around Php 27,0...
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Twitter for Nokia X3 Touch and Type : Ovi by Nokia - Communities

Aside from its great music-centric features, social networking service integration is one of the best things about Nokia X3-02 Touch and Typ...
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HTC Desire Z Fast Boot Video

HTC knows that the faster your smartphone boots, the more you can do with it. So in creating HTC Desire Z, the company made sure that th...
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Manila Cathedral Holy Week Visit

I think one of the most meaningful things you can do this Holy Week is to visit a church near you and say a prayer of forgiveness and thanks...
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Holy Week Vacation Gadgets

Last week, we asked our TP friends on Facebook where they plan to spend their Holy Week vacation and which gadgets they intend to bring with...
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