Chinese Girl Offers Virginity for iPhone 4

WTH is happening to the world?!

Remember that Chinese boy who sold his kidney to buy an iPad2? Well it appears he's not the only kid who's willing to go to all-too-great lengths just to own an Apple product.

Korean Herald recently published a story about a female jiulinghou, a Chinese person born in the 90’s, who tweeted on Weibo - China's version of popular short messaging and social networking site, Twitter - that she has decided to sleep with someone and sell her virginity so she can have enough money to buy an iPhone 4 since her father won't get her one.

chinese girl virginity iphone 4
The Girl

Her post, which included her photos and other personal information, eventually got a lot of negative feedback from Weibo users saying that iPhone 4 is not worth her virginity. Others took the offer lightly and made fun of it, stating that she should just wait for iPhone 5 before making an offer. Still, some thought it's merely a prank.

TP Thoughts:

Oh, Apple should just give her an iPhone 4. If not out of generosity of spirit, then at least for PR. The only problem is, if Apple does that, more girls might follow suit and post similar offers online. That'd be crazy.

OK, forget it. Her parents should talk to her.


  1. WT.. oh my.. i was born in 90s but it never happen that i'd rather offer something valuable from me just for that techno gadgets.. waaah.. well, i do believe that the problem is with her and that includes her parents too.. tsk!

  2. why would she offer herself just to get that Iphone 4 is it worth it. She needs some counseling I guess.

  3. Such a badass.. I, personally, a fan of Apple. But I will not eff*n do such things like that only to have an Apple product. That's so pathetic to the nth level..

  4. Way too expensive, $600..... no way girl!


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