Apple Accuses Samsung of Harassment, Shames Korean Company by Calling it 'Copyist'

Round 3 of the ensuing Apple vs. Samsung Court Battle --

iPhone 3G front design patent beside actual Samsung Galaxy S front panel

Following Samsung's motion to compel Apple to surrender samples of the yet-to-be-announced iPad 3 and iPhone 5, the Cupertino-company issues a response via a court document calling Samsung "The Copyist" --

Samsung’s Motion to Compel is an improper attempt to harass Apple by demanding production of extremely sensitive trade secrets that have no relevance to Apple’s likelihood of success on its infringement claims or to a preliminary injunction motion.

Apple made a compelling showing in its motion to expedite discovery that Apple needs samples of products that Samsung has already announced, distributed, and described, so that Apple can evaluate whether to file a preliminary injunction motion against those products, which look strikingly similar to the distinctive trade dress of Apple’s current products. Samsung has made no such showing about Apple’s future products. Therefore, Samsung’s Motion to Compel should be denied. [source]

OK. I think Apple takes this round. How about you?


  1. No patent infringement here. Apple can easily refuse samsung's request based on the ground of trade secrets. Its a battle of market share that is why Apple filed a case against samsung. In the end both companies incurred expenses that are unnecessary. The primary reason for this is that Apple sees Samsung as a threat that is slowly creeping in their market share. 

  2. Its show! The two are really identical. I smell a world war 4 between the Americans vs the Koreans..Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!!

  3. Toni is right with his comment below. Ask yourselves, China iPhone clones are everywhere, all around the globe. And these are not just copying the Apple's design perse, like Samsung supposedly did, it's a clone 1:1, Apple's iPhone = China's iPhone! Did we hear anything about it, like Apple's claims with its competitor Samsung? None.

  4. maybe its quite the same but samsung made some difference so that it wont look like an iphone. its just samsung is the number 1 competitor of apple in terms of specs and models... the best  phones wins!!! 

  5. It's not anymore about the battle of the smartphones. It's about the legal teams. Hope Samsung hired the best lawyers to take on the bullying bastard kid on the block--Apple.


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