Download Plants vs. Zombies for Android Phones

Carmela S. emailed me this question this morning;
"[TP, I understand PVZ is now available for Android. But why can't I seem find it in Android Market?!]"

plants vs zombies android

Hi Carmela! You won't find Plants vs. Zombies in Android Market because it's only available via Amazon Appstore for Android. Why only in Amazon? I have no idea. Maybe Amazon paid PopCap for exclusivity. Not sure.

Anyway, you can download Plants vs. Zombies over WiFi HERE for $1.49. I know. Too bad, it's not free.


  1. Last time I tried though, Amazon Appstore is not yet available for the Philippines. Unless there's a workaround.

  2. it has been free from amazon app store one time for 24 hours

  3. Sir TP, here is a link yung original na pvz hnde ung port


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