Power Mac Center - First Apple Authorized Training Center in the Philippines

Power Mac Center becomes the first Apple store in the country to receive an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) certification, one of the highest accreditations given by Apple to its resellers.

power mac center

Power Mac Center’s Classroom at Greenbelt 3 is now an accredited AATC and will begin to offer Apple certified courses to companies, schools, and individuals who wish to learn or expand their knowledge on Apple’s Pro applications.

Moreover, the new AATC is now qualified to offer Apple certification exams for professionals looking to establish their expertise, and better market their skills in the field of digital technology.

According to Power Mac Center Marketing Manager Joey Alvarez, “We are pleased to share Apple’s global vision of quality and accessible training services with the Filipinos through our new AATC certified store.”

“With the highly valued AATC accreditation, Power Mac Center reinforces its leadership position as an Apple resource and service provider in the country,” he added.

With already two accredited Apple Certified Trainers in its Greenbelt store, Power Mac Center continues to consistently train its employees to deliver quality educational services, with the end view of an AATC accreditation for its other flagship stores as well.

“This worldwide recognition further raises the level of commitment of all Power Mac Center employees to a truly reliable and outstanding service as demonstrated by the global Apple workforce,” said Alvarez.

"Congratulations, PMC!" - TP Team


  1. Santelmo of Pinoy Muffin TopJune 7, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    i wish they'd have a training center here in QC

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  3. i think that's a great news! para yung mga interested na maging developers ng applications sa devices can learn straight from apple. thing is how much kaya ang training?

  4. No disrespect, but the title of this article is factually incorrect. Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) has been an Apple Authorized Training Center since 2003, so Power Mac Center can't be the "first" AATC.

  5. Yup you're correct sir. It should be First APPLE STORE in the country to receive an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) 


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