Nokia N9 Demo Video - Exclusive

Nokia today announced the MeeGo-powered Nokia N9, built for people who appreciate a stunning blend of design and the latest smartphone technology.

I was there during its official announcement at the Nokia Connection 2011 event here in Singapore. I also got the chance to play with the handset at the Nokia booth in CommunicAsia and let me tell you, it's easily the sexiest phone I've ever held.

nokia n9

The industrial construction and design of Nokia N9 is an example of extreme product making and craftsmanship. The body is precision-machined from a single piece of polycarbonate and flows seamlessly into beautiful curved glass. The laminated deep black display means that the user interface just floats on the surface of the product.

The 3.9-inch AMOLED screen is made from scratch–resistant curved glass. The polycarbonate body enables superior antenna performance, which means better reception, better voice quality and less dropped calls.

nokia n9
The back has a matte feel to it. It's definitely fingerprint-resistant.

Nokia N9 also packs the latest in camera, navigation and audio technology for a great all-round experience.

The 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss autofocus sensor, wide-angle lens, HD-quality video capture and large lens aperture enable great camera performance even in lowlighting conditions. This makes the Nokia N9 one of the best camera-phones ever produced.

Touch just got better fitted with the latest in wireless technology, Near Field Communication (NFC), Nokia N9 allows you to easily share images and videos between devices simply by touching them together. Pair it with Bluetooth accessories like the new NFC-enabled Nokia Play 360° wireless music speaker just once, and you get great surround sound music experience with a mere tap.

Exclusive Demo Video

One swipe and you’re home. Nokia N9 introduces an innovative new design where the home key is replaced by a simple gesture: a swipe. Whenever you’re in an application, swiping from the edge of the display takes you home.

The three home views of the user interface are designed to give fast access to the most important things people do with a phone: using apps, staying up to date with notifications and social networks, and switching between activities.

Watch how Nokia N9's MeeGo user interface works and looks like --

Did you see Stephen Elop at the back? I was practically a meter away from him.

Nokia N9 will be available in three colors – Cyan, Black and Magenta with 16GB and 64GB storage options. Nokia N9 is scheduled to be in stores later this year, with availability and local pricing to be announced closer to start of sales.


  1. just saw the video demos of the ui......i'm so proud of android! it's way way way advanced compared to meego......but i have to give it to nokia for the very good design!

    definitely not my next phone!

  2. maganda talaga ang design nitong Nokia N9 pero para sa akin talaga... Android pa rin lalo na yung Honeycomb version... 

  3. totally getting this one! Oh my. The design is great and MeeGo can still catch up. It may not be the best OS, but duh? What do you expect from an OS that's just starting, I mean, how was Android 1.5 then? It was bullcrap right? MeeGo is actually better considering that it's new than Android 1.5 :))

  4. natawa aq dun sa nagppicture harang harang!!! tnamaan pa ung phone!!

  5. natawa aq dun sa nagppicture harang harang!!! tnamaan pa ung phone!! maganda ung phone pero parang mas maganda ung android pa rin... kung android lng yan cguradong mraming bibili....

  6. I'm definitely gonna get this one... Meego>Android

  7. Eh di wag. Haha :) Wala naman pumipilit sayo. Haha :)

    Way to go Nokia. Good luck on the release of N9 :)


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