Lenovo ThinkSlate - Specifications, Photo Leaked!

Now, THIS is what you call a business slate!

Specifications and photo of the purported Think-branded Lenovo slate have just surfaced online;

lenovo think slate

Supposedly coming out in Q3 of this year, 'Think Slate' is Honeycomb Android tablet with a dual core ARM processor and a 10.1-inch screen. But what makes it special is that it will have security and enterprise features that are perhaps similar to that of the ThinkPad line.

I think this is definitely the tablet you'd want to bring with you on a corporate meeting. If it's going to look as sturdy and as serious as a ThinkPad, it will be all good.

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  1. wow! since ibm thinkpadd is a must for corporate people, this is a great innovation by Ibm/Lenovo :D


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