Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal Photos and Admissions

This one's still hot in the US. Thought I'd share it here because we can all learn something from it -- especially in this internet age.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. came under fire last week for a leaked crotch photo sent from his Twitter account to a 21-year-old woman based in Seattle. Initially, Weiner adamantly denied that he was the one who sent the suggestive photo and claimed he was merely the victim of a Twitter prank.

However, last Monday, Weiner opened up to the media and admitted that he had engaged in "inappropriate" social media communications with at least six women on a variety of social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. According to him, some of these internet affairs had taken place before his marriage and some after.

Weiner likewise disclosed that he is not sure some of the photos he shared on those sites were X-rated - as how media described them to be --

Do you think these are X-rated?

The congressman said that he may seek professional help to address a "deep weakness that [he had] demonstrated" but will not resign as he doesn't believe that he did something that broke the law.

TP Thoughts:

Whoever you are, whatever you do, do NOT post suggestive photos of yourself online. Or better yet, do NOT take photos or videos of your crotch EVER. That's it.

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