Smart LTE is Super Fast! Testing Smart Evolution Straight from Boracay!

My brother and I are now here in Boracay with Aileen Apolo, Azrael Coladilla and Janette Toral to try out Smart LTE.

smart lte
With Kyle from TribalDDB and Anne from Smart. Thanks guys!

smart lte

But first, what's LTE?

smart lte

TP Friends, LTE - the acronym for Long Term Evolution - is the latest in mobile broadband technology. Delivering download speeds of up to a whopping 100mbps, LTE serves as an update to the current generation 3G technology that most of us are familiar with. To put it simply, LTE is the FASTEST mobile broadband connection publicly available in the world today.

Smart Brings LTE to the Philippines

Via its newest mobile broadband service aptly named "Evolution", Smart Communications is bringing LTE to the Philippines. Soon, all Pinoys will reap the benefits of significantly faster data rates for both uploading and downloading.

smart lte

Here's the dongle that currently makes Smart LTE possible --

smart lte
Looks hardcore, don't you think?

It's not as small as most broadband dongles we regularly see. I think its size represents the kind of service it delivers. It's bigger than what we're used to experiencing.

How Fast is Smart Evolution?

Well, it's a lot faster than the fast most of us are familiar with. If you're already satisfied with 5mpbs, then what do you think about 53mbps?

Well, that's exactly the download speed that I got when I tested Smart Evolution --

smart lte

Like what I said in the title of the post, Smart LTE is Super Fast! Needless to say, I'm very impressed.

So what did I do with such fast connection, you ask? Well, so far, I've watched several trailers in full HD on Youtube. And all of them played just like how they would had seen them on DVD. No buffering at all and that's 1080p!

Proof, you ask? Well, here's me watching X-Men First Class Full HD trailer on Youtube using Smart Evolution --

Loads really fast! Believe!

smart lte
Janette, Aileen and Azrael also did their thing with Evolution

Price and Release Date

Yesterday, I posted my Smart LTE Bora photos on Facebook and some TP friends left comments asking how much Evolution will cost and when will it be available to all consumers. Well, Smart LTE will definitely be available to everyone within this year. As for the pricing, we all have to just wait for a formal announcement from Smart.

Stay tuned for updates! We have videos!


  1. Very fast!!! But why not make ah speed test to compare between smart and globe 4G? Just suggesting. :)

  2. Bakit kaya sa Boracay? Hindi sa usually congested locations.