DarkBit Hacker Strikes Again! Spot.PH Security Compromised!

Quoting the final words of d4rkb1t in our exclusive interview with him last weekend,

Webdevs should expect more attacks in the coming weeks.

Well, he kept his word.

The hacker now famous for taking over GMA News Online website and social networking accounts strikes again. And this time, the lifestyle website Spot.PH became his target --

UPDATE as of 5:13PM, June 1, 2011 --
Spot.PH has just recovered from the hack attack.

So what's his intention behind this new attack? As yet, we have no idea. Nonetheless, d4rkb1t made this short statement on his FB page regarding the incident --


There are a lot of new questions that need to be answered. But the only thing we are sure of right now is that d4rkbit is starting to let himself be known. In fact, he even promoted his Facebook page on the hacked website --

d4rkb1t, who are you really?


  1. What a douche.

  2. And the developers are getting paid so their systems can get compromised..
    Yea right!


  3. And you're actually the one compromising it. (I'm assuming you're d4rkb1t since you still have that disqus account).

    You're asking for a perfect system, well didn't you think their systems aren't perfect because they hired shitty devs? Because they want to pay less?

    It's not a secure website, yeah, it's spot.ph.

    Try hacking into paypal or something. Now if there's a security breach there, it wouldn't be douchey.

    What you did is like taking candy from a baby and telling it's parents they should've been there to fend you off.

    Take the parents' money and buy yourself some candy. See if you don't get punched in the face.

  4. P***!!!!! Ang dami namang nalibutan nito!!!!!!!

  5. magaling siya! pero mali ang ginagawa niya hehehehe sino kaya yang mokong na yan. di nalang mag-apply sa mga big companies as White Hat Hacker kesa ganyan... :)


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