Dell Venue Price Price Philippines Php 17,700 - 5 Things I Like About Its Design

I've been playing with my Dell Venue for a little more than three weeks now and one of the things that I can honestly say I love about this Android phone is its premium design.

As a flagship handset from the American company, Dell Venue came with top-notch set of specifications and the best design that Dell could have given the smartphone during its point of release.

I'll tackle the specs in another post but for now, let me share with you the five things that I like about Dell Venue's design.

1. Curved Gorilla Glass Touchscreen - Like LG Optimus 2X, Nokia N9, HTC Sensation and Sensation XE, Dell Venue flaunts a curved capacitive screen, which doesn't only make the phone look unique and elegant but also reflects the level of attention to detail that went into designing it.

dell venue

2. Metallic Accents - This is a current design trend for smartphones. iPhone 4S and LG Optimus 2X come replete with metal on their sides; HTC Sensation XE's case is made of aluminum. If anything, Dell Venue owners can rest assured that their handset with its own metal accents won't feel shy when placed beside these new phones.

dell venue

3. Camera Hardware Button - It baffles me how almost all handset manufacturers seemed to have ditched the idea of putting a hardware camera button on their flagship smartphones. Is it because they found out that not too many consumers use it that often? Anyway. I find it nice that Dell bothered to put one on Dell Venue. I'm one of those who like taking self-photos and that button makes it easier for me to take such shots.

dell venue

4. Gorgeous Battery Cover - Dell Venue's back cover easily is one of the most gorgeous I've seen. In the middle, there's the big metallic Dell logo. And the whole battery cover has an attractive and classy design pattern.

dell venue

5. Solid Feel in the Hand - The curved glass display, the metal accents and the overall masterful construction combine to make Dell Venue one of the best designed phones out in the market. And it's not all about looks. When you hold this phone, the way it feels in the hand will tell you that it's a truly a top-of-the-line device.

dell venue

Dell Venue with suggested retail price of only Php 17,700 is now available in the Philippines exclusively via MSI-ECS. If you're interested in ordering a unit, you can give the company a ring at 688-3180 to 83.

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