Smart Evolution LTE 4G Dongle - The Future of the Internet in a Stick

Whenever my friends would ask me what the future of the internet will be, I always tell them that it's going to be three things:

1. Mobile - Users will be able to access and create content on the go through their smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks and other mobile devices.

2. Social - Internet will allow us to be more connected and will make it easier for users to share information and content online in real time.

3. Local - Content and information will become more tailor-fit for specific cultures, localities or territories.

And for all of these to come to fruition and reach their pinnacle, networks must first provide ultra-fast and reliable mobile internet connection to consumers.

Enter Smart Evolution LTE 4G.

smart evolution lte

Like what I explained way back in June 2010, when I was chosen by Smart to be one of the first to try out LTE speeds in Boracay, Long Term Evolution is the latest in mobile broadband technology, delivering download speeds of up to a whopping 100mbps! LTE, which some users call 'true 4G', serves as an update to the current generation HSPA+ technology that most mobile internet users are familiar with. Simply put, LTE is the FASTEST mobile broadband connection available in the world today.

And this screaming fast connection is exactly what will ensure a bright future for the internet.

smart 4g

The TechPinas Community is lucky to have been chosen as a Beta Tester of Smart Evolution LTE 4G in Metro Manila.

smart evolution lte
Over the next few weeks, I'll be taking this new 4G dongle (which looks a whole lot sleeker than the one I used in Boracay) for a spin in some key Smart Evolutions Zones across the nation's capital. This stick will give TP a glimpse of how fast the future of mobile internet in the Philippines will be.

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