Globe Tattoo Resistance Campaign : Explained by Dong Ronquillo, Head of Nomadic Broadband Business

By now, I'm sure you've seen Globe Tattoo's new #Resistance Campaign TVCs and online videos -- the ones featuring Nonito Donaire, Georgina Wilson and Miggy Chavez.

globe tattoo resistance

They look cool and all and the overall message is great but if they leave you wondering how exactly is resistance related to Globe Tattoo as a brand, TP has the answer; And it came from no less than Globe Telecom's Head of Nomadic Broadband Business, Mr. Dong Ronquillo. He told the crowd at Globe Tattoo's Resistance Ambassadors Launch at the Ayala Museum the other night,

"The resistance is all about not settling for anything less. Actually, it's yearning to be great. And that's how we are in Globe. Because we maybe a challenger, but we are a very strong challenger and we are actually defining the market, as you could see with Tattoo now. [So for this year,] we are relaunching the whole Tattoo portfolio from 'nomadic' [to] 'at home' to give superior products and services to our subscribers. We want to resist limitations, mediocrity and uniformity. The good thing about Tattoo is that it enables or it makes everyone aspire to be [...] better; And that is what the whole campaign is all about. [As you can see], we have chosen some new ambassadors this year to represent the brand, to represent the youth and [inspire them] to better themselves."

How about you, TP Friend? What's your #Resistance?

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