Dharmesh Goshalia, Nokia Philippines' New General Manager

2012 will be the comeback year for Nokia.

This is what the company believes, as they move towards a new direction in pushing forth new products and services. 2011 was a transition year for the company when they welcomed a new CEO, Mr. Stephen Elop who initiated a partnership with Microsoft to develop mobile devices that will once again regain Nokia's dominant position in the mobile industry.

In the Philippines, Nokia continues to be the number one despite facing tough competition. As the Finnish company introduces new products to the market, Nokia Philippines welcomes Dharmesh Goshalia to spearhead this campaign as the new General Manager.

dharmesh goshalia

Mr. Goshalia is a South African born citizen who was able to work in the telecom industry for 16 years. He has been with Nokia for 6 years. He has gained valuable experiences across countries in various regions which included Greece, Cyprus, Nigeria, Egypt, and Tunisia among others.

Mark of TechPinas' Message to Mr. Goshalia:

Welcome to the Philippines, Sir! The whole TP Team wishes you the very best in your new position as Nokia Philippines' General Manager.

Nokia remains to be the number 1 cellphone brand in the Philippines and it's because Filipinos love Nokia. In fact, we were recently told by a consumer research company that 6 out of 10 Pinoys choose Nokia over others. You have a brand that's loved by the people.

That said, TechPinas and I look forward to working closely with you and Nokia in your future campaigns for the greater benefit of your loyal Pinoy consumers. God bless!

The Philippines is one important battleground for mobile phone companies in Asian markets because the country is the texting capital of the world, and social networks have a very strong presence in the country.

What will Mr. Goshalia expect from his assignment in the Philippines? Despite Nokia's position as the market leader in the country, Mr. Goshalia should expect very very tough competition this year. Based on various sources, Samsung, their closest competitor, is already in a position to take away the crown from Nokia as the number one mobile brand. Apple's iPhone on the other hand, is still leading the smartphone category with its dramatic sales. While BlackBerry continues to be successful by partnering with telecom services to bring BB services that Filipinos really love.

But these scenarios also pose great opportunities for the company if they focus on their strengths. As one of the pioneers in the mobile phone industry, the Nokia brand still has a strong image for product quality and user-friendliness. Filipinos become nostalgic whenever they remember fond memories of their first mobile phones such as the Nokia 5110, 3210, and 3310.

Personally, I believe these positive perceptions should be reinforced in promoting Nokia's new products, such as the Lumia 800 and 710. In addition, marketing should be localized to appeal more to Filipinos. The message should be relayed by a trustworthy personality. For example, Nokia models that were endorsed by Vic Sotto became best-selling devices in Nokia's lineup. I believe that he can also successfully endorse flagship models such as the N9, and the Lumia 800. But that's another story.

So, that's one unsolicited advice for Mr. Goshalia. TechPinas warmly welcomes him to the Philippines and wishes him well in his new role.

TP Contributing Writer Profile: Mon Arguelles is a graduate of Environmental Management, a joint program of the Ateneo De Manila University and University of San Francisco. He’s currently taking up his MBA. He is a part-time professor and environmental researcher but considers being updated about the latest technological trends to be one of his favorite pastimes.

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