Apple iPad 3 Event LiveStream Online Streaming Video #iPad3 #iPadHD

This post aims to collate all online livestream videos of Apple's March 7 San Francisco Event where the company will formally unveil the third generation iPad. The event will commence at exactly 2AM this morning - Manila Time - so please stay tuned!

Pre-Announcement 'iPad HD vs iPad 3' Tablet Name Dilemma: According to various "insiders", the latest iteration to Apple's tablet will be called "iPad HD" and not "iPad 3". It will flaunt a Retina display, found in iPhone 4 and 4S, that has twice the resolution of iPad2's screen. iPadHD, which will be slightly thicker yet will have better innards than its predecessor, will also feature a higher resolution camera and 4G LTE technology on some models. Note that these information are but 'supposed leaks' from industry insiders and at the end of the day, only Apple knows for sure how the next iPad actually looks and what its new features are.

WARNING: Apparently, the people behind this supposed 'livestream' video aren't keen on delivering what's advertised. They are merely doing a commentary on the new iPad keynote. I know, we're disappointed as well. But if you're cool with that, click Play button.

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