Apple iPad HD vs. iPad3 : Which Name Would You Prefer for Apple's New Tablet?

Of Nomenclature
by Mark of TP

If there's anything I learned from covering Apple product announcements since 2008, it's that we'll do well to take supposed insider information on product nomenclature - among others - with a grain of salt.

In 2010, for example, a number of 'insiders' leaked the 'information' that the next iPhone will be called 4G. Later that year, they said that Apple's landmark tablet will be named iSlate. And last year, if you remember, several 'sources' disclosed that iPhone 5 will supersede iPhone 4.

We all know how history actually unfolded.

This is exactly why I don't find it hard to shrug my shoulders in the face of varying 'industry insider and Apple employee leaks' on details of Apple's new tablet (that's already set to be announced tomorrow anyway). One topic that's particularly hot right now in social networking sites is about the name of the much anticipated slate. Some are saying it will be called iPad 3 while others, based on 'unconfirmed' specifications and on Apple's existing mobile device nomenclature, deem it best to call it iPad 2S.

Earlier today, I checked Twitter and found out that, apparently, some 'insiders' have come up with yet another name for the new iDevice; They are now calling it iPad HD.

So why iPad HD all of a sudden?

1. A Gizmodo tipster recently 'uncovered' evidence that Griffin and Belkin, a company that makes Apple peripherals and accessories, had iPad HD cases 'buried in acres of dry accessory listings' in a warehouse of boxes.

2. Mashable got a heads-up from a source that the iPad HD name was a go and started hunting for a second source.

3. Actually, it's not all that sudden: The Verge, formerly known as This is My Next, disclosed as early as July last year that the new Apple tablet will sport a double resolution screen (2048 x 1536), and will be dubbed the "iPad HD." The idea behind the product is apparently that it will be a "pro" device aimed at a higher end market.

Do we like this name? And more importantly, does it make sense?

Personally, I think iPad HD sounds a lot better than iPad 3 or 2S. I mean, it's almost a 'rockstar' name vs. the clearly uptight, borderline bland feel of the other two. But that's just me. I'm sure there are Apple fans who prefer the numeric or alphanumeric nomenclature for their own reasons.

Now, as for whether it makes sense or not, I agree with other tech bloggers who say that if Retina Display is the only feature that will make the new iPad better than its predecessor then it's alright. Actually, if that's the case, 'iPadHD' will make a lot of sense in a marketing perspective; Quoting Mashable, "[W]hen was the last time you heard your friends or family — the non-geeky customers Apple is targeting — use the word "retina"? [...] It sounds cool, but it isn't going to shift units. HD is a different matter. We all understand the meaning of those two letters[...] [P]ractically everyone on the planet understands that when something goes high-def, they’re in for a better visual experience."

Well, anyway. Enough about TP and other tech blogs. (Because really, at the end of the day, Apple will have the final say. And whether or not we think the name of its new slate sounds cool, I'm sure millions upon millions of Apple fans will buy it anyway.) Just for fun, I wanna ask you, "Which name would you prefer for Apple's new tablet and why?"

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