Smart Live More Campaign TVC Hits the Right Spot! #LiveMore Trends on Twitter!

Here in TechPinas, we believe that technology only matters when it does something that matters to you. Likewise, it only becomes important when it lets you do the more important things.

Clearly, technology only becomes relevant when it lets you live more. And I'm glad that Smart Communications' newest thematic campaign captures just that.

Showing that a call you can't make can mean you don't care, the inability to send a single text message due to weak signal can end a relationship, and that slow and unreliable internet connection can ruin an important moment in one's life, Smart's newest TVC reinforces the idea that good network services like what the company is capable of delivering lets you live more by not wasting your time; by letting you connect with your loved ones more and by helping you accomplish tasks easily so you can let go and live life like the way you really want to, which is - at the end of the day - the most important thing.

For me, this is easily the best thematic campaign that Smart has released so far. It's easy to understand; Everyone can relate to it; And it captures exactly what every technology company should aspire to give its consumers.

No wonder then just a few minutes after the launch of the thematic TVC this afternoon, the hashtag related to it, #LiveMore, instantly achieved trending status on Twitter --

Congratulations, Smart!

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