Nokia 808 PureView 41 MegaPixel Camera Image Sensor is the Real Deal! Tell Your Friends!

"Have you seen Nokia 808 PureView?" I asked my friend while we were having dinner in some hole in the wall restaurant in Manila last Friday, "It's a monster of a camera phone; Has a 41 MegaPixel camera. And it will be released this year."

"Yup, I've seen it," he answered. "But I bet it will just give you blown up 12 MegaPixel shots."

I promise you, I almost blew up on him.

I'm the biggest Nokia fan and no one can talk *bleep* about Nokia in front of me - especially if it's not true. Anyway. I composed myself and calmly told him, "I will write a blog and post photos of that 41 MegaPixel image sensor. It's the real deal."

So here you go.

From upper left to lower right: 5 MegaPixel sensor, 8 MegaPixel sensor of some phone, ginormous 41 MegaPixel sensor of Nokia 808 PureView. [Learn more about image sensor].

The camera module composed of the sensor and Carl Zeiss optics. It's big and powerful - which explains the Nokia 808 PureView's camera bump at the back.

I grabbed these images from Damian Dinning's interview with Nokia Conversations explaining the landmark mobile imaging technology behind Nokia 808 PureView. Watch it here:

Dinning is Nokia's Imaging Expert. Clearly, I'm not a photographer (and I don't have delusions of being one) so let's just all turn to him for answers and explanations. "It's like Columbus trying to convince you that the Earth is round when everybody still thinks it's flat. But we genuinely have a 41 MegaPixel sensor," that's what he said.

Help me spread the word (because I know he's not the only one who thinks that way about Nokia 808 PureView)! Show this post to all doubters and non-believers TP Friends. You might also want to include Nokia 808 PureView Sample Photos.

Can't wait to own a unit and show the camera to him in the flesh.

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