Creative Use of iPad for Marketing and Advertising : Another Reason Why Companies Need to Invest in Tablets

TechPinas Founder Notes # 7: Of Beer and iPad

Seeing things like this fills me with excitement because they are proof that tech works.

Last Friday, after a brief meeting on this new campaign for a telco, I went out for a drink at Serendra with a couple of my friends from my industry, Miss Rica from TribalDDB and Az from Azrael's Merryland.

After a few minutes of chit chat over beer and buffalo wings, these three pretty girls approached us with their iPad.

"Hello! We want to introduce you to three new beer flavors from San Miguel," one of them said while the others handed us sample shot glasses. Premium Malt, Super Dry, and Cerveza Negra - if I remember correctly. She then tapped on the iPad and explained what makes each variant special using photos on screen. Needless to say, the tastefully-done presentation grabbed our attention and made us want to order the drinks.

After that, she told us that we'll get a promo shirt for free because we ordered all three variants. She then launched an iPad application or a game that has this carousel that randomly picks the shirt design. We got the brown one with Cerveza Negra art printed in front. Neat.

This is an example of a clever and creative marketing strategy that couldn't have been executed wonderfully without an iPad. I mean, this wouldn't be as cool if the girls simply used illustration boards or a laptop for their presentation. Think about it.

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