MyPhone New Television Commercials by Likhamahinasyon Productions Promote Pinoy Pride, Created by Communication Arts Students!

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We already know MyPhone has boatloads of cash. I mean, the company recently got more than a dozen teen celebrity endorsers from both ABSCBN and GMA7, which partly caused some of its new handsets to sell like hotcakes in malls - giving the brand even more moolah. That's cool and all; But perhaps there's no bigger proof that the company is doing well than its multiple hundred-thousand-peso TV ad placements this month in between top-rating primetime shows of the two biggest networks. I know some of you have seen the TVCs but for those who haven't, we have all three here:

While I'm not particularly crazy about MyPhone's current handset line-up, I can appreciate that the local phone company does what it can to promote Pinoy Pride alongside its handsets -- and that's big for me. In fact, I think MyPhone has fully embraced 'proudly Pinoy' as part of its identity and in effect, it's become one of the company's charms.


Oh, and one interesting trivia about these TVCs: Did you know that they were created by a group of Pinoy college students? Likhamahinasyon Productions, composed of AB Communication Arts students specializing, produces short films, commercials, music videos, and animations mostly for fun and experience and of course, for art's sake.

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